Complete the form on the “Contact Us” page to send an enquiry or to schedule a one-to-one consultation.

 At the consultation, we can discuss your dress ideas over a cup of tea/coffee.  We will then finalise the design which I will sketch for you.  We will begin selecting appropriate  fabrics and trims to enhance the illustration.  Within 1 week of the consultation I will send a finalised quote for the dress.

On acceptance of the quote, a 50% deposit is required, accompanied by a signed contract in order to book your order / our service.

A second appointment will then be arranged. Within this appointment you will be able to view any additional samples that have been sourced for your dress. Measurements for the dress will also be taken during this appointment.

The dress is created over a series of fittings, around 2 – 4 depending o the complexity of the dress.

The remaining payment is due before the final fitting / before your dress is collected.

How do the fittings work?

The first fitting is called a toile fitting. Based on your measurements and dress design, an initial basic shape is sewn up from ‘other’ fabric. The purpose of the toile fitting is to refine the fit and style of the dress on your body. This also gives you the opportunity to visually see the basic outline of your chosen style before the final fabrics are cut. Adjustments and minor changes are discussed which will then be amended on your pattern. Following this appointment the designer will cut your dress in the final chosen fabric.

Further fittings are required to refine the fit of the dress in the final fabrics.  It is necessary to bring shoes and any intimate garments that you wish to wear with your dress along to all fittings.